All About Guns

The first time an air gun was used was in the 17th century. air arms such as rifles and shotguns were used to hunt deer and small game as a sport. They would pump air with a pump in a reservoir, in order to propel the shot. The velocity back then varied from 600 to 1,000 feet per second.

Today, the technology has made enormous progress. You can buy accessories such as a laser beam to help you aim on your target, scopes with a torch to light up your view, and even a strap to hang your gun to your shoulder when you go inspect your target.

There are also over 10 types of pellets, according to what you want to shoot. With some trial and error, you will be able to get clean shots at a distance that will not damage your target excessively. For example, some pellet brands can help you hunt rabbit at more than 100 metres away, which is especially interesting if you plan on eating the rabbit afterwards. Other brands are great if you just want to practice target shooting.

You can choose from several calibers as well. If you buy a .177 caliber, it is a lighter gun that allows you to enjoy target or clay shooting, as well as keeping pests outside your domain such as birds, squirrels, sparrows, snakes, rats, and so on. It is accurate up to 10 metres. A .22 caliber is 40% more powerful and takes down bigger game such as rabbits, wild birds, and even small deer. For larger game, you need to go with at least a .25 caliber.


Are Air Guns Legal in the UK?

In short, yes. There is a power limit for air rifles at 12 and 6 of muzzle energy. Owners have to be at least 14 years old, however you can only buy one after you turn 18.

Do I Need an Air Gun Licence?

Scotland and Northern Ireland require licensing. Meanwhile, England and Scotland do not have licensing laws. You need to show ID with photo, name, date of birth, and current address such as a driver's licence, or a passport and a recent utility bill.

This is a big advantage of airguns over normal hunting rifles. It is harder to get a licence for the latter. It is also easier to get a good country sports insurance package and go to a shooting club. It is important to get coverage for public liability, personal accident, and legal defence, as well as extras such as overseas coverage.

Where Can You Legally Shoot Air Rifles and Shotguns?

If you have permission, you can use them on private land. However, you are forbidden to shoot within 15 metres of a road. That is considered a nuisance and dangerous. Also, the pellets you shot must not leave the land where you have permission to shoot.

How Much do They Cost?

Air rifles can cost anywhere from £200 to £900. Air pistols cost between £75 and £300.